require 'spec_helper' describe 'web-server::default' do let(:chef_run) do 'ubuntu', version: '14.04') do |node| node.automatic[:ipaddress] = '' node.automatic[:cpu][:total] = 100 node.automatic[:memory][:total] = '640kb enough' end.converge(described_recipe) end context 'behaves as expected' do it 'installs nginx' do expect(chef_run).to install_package('nginx') end it 'starts and enable service nginx' do expect(chef_run).to enable_service('nginx') expect(chef_run).to start_service('nginx') end it 'configures nginx' do expect(chef_run).to create_template('/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default') .with( source: 'nginx-default.conf.erb', variables: { server_name: '', document_root: '/var/www' } ) end it 'notifies service to restart when configured' do template = chef_run.template('/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default') expect(template).to notify('service[nginx]').to(:restart).immediately end it 'creates directory for webpages' do expect(chef_run).to create_directory('/var/www') end it 'creates a landing page' do node = chef_run.node expect(chef_run).to render_file('/var/www/index.html').with_content(<<-HTML

Hello world!

HTML ) end end end